It Takes Some Perseverance..

"I've tried everything!" Those were the words that were spoken at my first meeting with this little girl's "grammy". She was at a point of frustration, and didn't know what else to do to help her granddaughter progress in reading.  

This particular lady owns her own daycare program and is very skilled at what she does. She has a heart for children and is committed to teaching them all of the skills they need by the time they reach school age. She had tried many of the methods she had used with her students, and they were not having the effect that she had hoped. 

When I started working with this student, she was mid-year first grade and was having trouble with basic Kindergarten sight words. She would easily get frustrated with herself while reading and would want to give up. It was so exciting to see the transformation that took place over the next few months. 

Her grandma would help her read and review books that I sent home, and this student would say, "Grammy, that word has the double vowel rule!" After much perseverance and hard work, this student is now up to grade level and reads with confidence and fluency.

Most importantly, the buck doesn't stop there. Her family knows that now that she is up to grade level, it's not time to assume she's fine and to stop with the effort. It's time to continue encouraging and practicing so that what's began will continue. It takes a commitment of time and effort, but the end result is so worth it.