A Story of Success

This sweet student started coming to New Heights in January. He is one that has so much joy and is so witty that you can't help but love him.  At our first meeting, his parents voiced their concerns about his progress in reading. He was in the middle of his second grade year, and was struggling to read outside of books that he had memorized. He was in a pivotal place in his attitude toward reading, and school in general. 

So many times we think, "Oh, well they'll grow out of it. They'll catch on at some point." What we fail to realize is that by the time students reach upper elementary half of the battle is the child's attitude toward school. They feel so discouraged that they don't want to try anymore. They are aware of their inadequacies. 

When children enter school at age 4-5, they are developmentally self-centered. Everything revolves around themselves. They are not concerned whether or not they can read, or if their friend is doing better in school than they are. When children start to reach 1st-2nd grade, the shift changes from self-centered to more self-aware. This is such an important age for children to receive intervention, so much that their very future and success in school depends on it.

This student started at a level of a mid-year Kindergartener. We started out with the basic short vowel words; gradually increased the difficulty, and through this time his parents were practicing faithfully with him at home. After only 6 months of tutoring, this student of mine has increased to a 2nd grade level! I am so very proud of him. 

He continues today with the continued support of his amazing parents. I cannot express the excitement and reward I feel when I see a student's confidence and love of reading emerge. Seeing this student excited about reading, and confident in his ability to read on his own is the fuel that continues this journey for me. 

What an awesome job I have.